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Oct. 27, 2012

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Indiana 31, Illinois 17
Memorial Stadium // Oct. 27, 2012 // Attendance: 47,981

Illinois Head Coach Tim Beckman Postgame Quotes

Opening statement:
"Well, it's Homecoming and I'm not used to being involved in losses during Homecoming. So I guess first and foremost, the game of football is played when you don't turn the football over and you don't beat yourself. Give credit to Indiana because they didn't have the penalties and they didn't turn the football over, and they ended up winning the football game. We did those things and it ended up biting us and we ended up losing the football game."

What were the key mistakes?
"Of course, both fumbles: Tommy (Davis') fumble and then Donovonn (Young's) fumble. A couple penalties that continued drives - of course, the one that was called on the sidelines, I think it was called on Michael, that continued that drive early in the first quarter."

How do you move the Illinois program forward?
"Again, you're looking at some programs that have built some continuity and that's exactly what we're trying to do. You want it to happen fast, just like everybody else. You want to be successful as fast as you possibly can, but right now, we're not. We've got to evaluate the things again that we're doing and create things that can help our players be successful and this program be successful."

On the struggles of the Fighting Illini's return game:
"Well, we have not done a very good job on our return game. Now, of course, we're one of the tops in the punt game and in the kickoff coverage game, but our return game struggles. We have problems blocking in space and we've got problems catching punts. There's not one play that loses a games and that's what you teach these young men, it's a number of plays."

On the effectiveness of the Illini's run game:
"I was proud of the way we blocked on the perimeter and the way guys ran. I thought Nathan (Scheelhaase) did a good job of reading his keys: handing the football off or keeping it himself because that's a lot of reading keys. But it's not a `W.' You can be happy with things, but you strive in this profession to win."

Illinois Postgame Player Quotes

QB Nathan Scheelhaase
On missed opportunities:
"When you look at the stats sheet, we outgained them, had the ball more than them, a lot of different things that we're doing that we felt like we were doing well, and then, obviously, they're feeling a lot better because they came up with more points. At the end of the day, a loss is a loss. We know there's a few little things here and there that we could have done to win that one. But you have to move forward because we play a great team next week and you hope the morale is up because we did some things well, but at the end of the day, we just have to find a way to win."

On disappointment:
"That's the toughest thing, I think the bumps and bruises don't feel as bad coming with a win. So I think everyone has that disappointed feeling that we've had too many times. So we have to do something to change that."

WR Darius Millines
On missing opportunities:
"It's very frustrating, every loss brings frustration. We had a couple days extra to prepare for these guys and we came out kind of strong, better than we usually did, and then we just have to finish at the end. It's tough, it's a tough loss."

On outside negativity:
"Personally, I just don't listen to it. It comes in one ear and out the other. I know how good of a team we are. We just have to put all our pieces together and fight and show everyone."

RB Donovonn Young
On his fumble:
"That hurt the team, but we can't hone in on that. We just have to keep it moving and do better next time. It was bad ball security; I was trying to fight for the extra yards, had my hand on the ground and he hit me and it came out. It was just bad by me. It's something I have to learn from, just to have better ball security."

On what went well:
"The play calling was great. It was a lot of one-on-one with the safeties, so when you're a running back, that's the type of situation to be in. I feel like this is a great steppingstone and we see that we can move the ball. So we're going to come back, work hard and, like I said at the beginning, we just have to execute on Saturday."

Indiana Head Coach Kevin Wilson Postgame Quotes

Opening statement:
"It's good to get a win; the guys played hard. I don't know if we played particularly well; the defense rallied up and played well down the stretch. We didn't turn it over, just the one pick early but it was a good effort and the guys have been fighting. It was great to see them come back and get one on the road. We have a lot of work to do to keep going with the way our year's been, but those kids keep fighting for us and it was nice to get on the right side of the ledger."

Were you looking for a spark offensively when you inserted Sudfeld at quarterback?
"Yeah, a little bit for a spark. Cam(eron Coffman)'s been pretty good at taking care of the ball and that's got to be in our deal every week. We think they're both about the same; Cam's a little more experienced. You watch them practice and you can't tell who's throwing it unless you saw who it came out of. They're about the same but you just don't want a guy making a mistake he's done before. But we did struggle a little bit early, so we went with it and, for the most part, Nate did OK. I don't know if he did that much better. There have been some games that Cam has done well, but I don't know if it's that much better than Nate would have. But it was just the dynamics of the game today. They both have to get better and we have to keep pushing them."

On the play-action touchdown pass during the last drive:
"That was a good job by Coach Littrell. We were struggling to get the running game (going). We had 120 yards and Illinois' defense...their front seven are very good and athletic. They played a bunch of challenge-man coverage and worked us on third downs. We have to be better there and playing and execution. But we had a hard time getting the running game going. We had a deal where we had two tailbacks in the game and with (Isaiah) Roundtree, it's a little bit of a tailback/receiver. We ran a couple jet sweeps with him, but that was our best drive of the game. The defense made a stop and that was a really good drive and a good job of closing it up."

On Adam Replogle's performance today:
"We keep saying it and that's the tough deal. He and Will Matte are pretty special. They play right in the middle of all the muck, they don't stick out like a quarterback, linebacker, or tailback. So when your leaders are right in the middle of the fight, they're not as flashy. They don't catch your radar as much as they should. He's the one guy that when he talks, I think everyone else on our team listens. I think he buys and gets what we're trying to do more then anyone. He's all in; he took the hook, line, sinker, the pole and everything. We talked about we needed to make a play and our definition of making a play was you play as hard as you can every play and things will happen. I think Adam embraces that as much as anyone on our team. It was a great game for him."

On the atmosphere in the locker room:
"It was good. I think they expected it, though. They weren't just jumping up and down. We talked about how you want to get used to that feeling and the best way to do that was to prepare and tonight we're on a college campus and let's try to be a winning team. We've been doing a lot of things right and it's nice to get a Saturday scoreboard to go our way and we want a lot more of those. By no means was it boring or blah, but at the same time, our guys weren't going crazy. Our team knows we can win and believes we can win, and I think we came out today and played solid. They handled themselves like a winning team and while our record doesn't speak that yet, we're working hard and trying to move it in the right direction."

Indiana Postgame Player Quotes

QB Nate Sudfeld
On the last drive with the 5 running plays and then the play-action pass:
"It was a great job by our coaches, dialing up runs that were working. We just kept running it and running it and then they (Illinois) were bighting the run hard and so we did a play-action role out and Shane Wynn was wide open and I was just trying to make sure he caught it and tried to float it to him. But just great play calling and great execution by our running back to set up the play-action, just great overall team effort."

Did you actually have an option on that play to run or pass?
"Yeah, our option is this guy, this guy, this guy, quarterback take off. So I kind of went one, two, three, Shane was open. I would have run if he wasn't open, but he was wide open, so it worked out."

On the offensive line and the pass protection today and what worked out there:
"They're so young and they're doing great and Will (Matte) is a great leader as the center on the O-Line and coach Frey and Coach Wilson did a great job with the O-line putting the quarterbacks and running backs in situations where we have protection and holes. They're young and they work really hard and they take coaching really well and take pride in protecting us quarterbacks and opening up holes. They were big for us."

S Greg Heban
How does it feel to finally get that win?
"It feels great. We're hoping it's going to snowball. We've got to come out ready to go next week as well. We've got a big challenge next week against Iowa. It feels great to get this first win and road win, too. Having a road win starting off the Big Ten is great."

How do you feel the defense played in the second half?
"We played great. I think we gave up 14 points in the first half, but could have been down to 7. I don't think we made a couple plays that we should have, a couple missed tackles that we've still got to work on. Overall I think the defense played a great game, came out in the second half ready to go knowing that this game was ours to take.

On the success that Illinois had with the stretch and read option:
"We tried to adjust to it during the first half, but we made most of our adjustments at halftime and I think coming out the second half, we did a great job adjusting. The coaches did a great job realizing that what we need to do."

On the defensive line and they pressure that they caused on Illinois' offense:
"Any time you get pressure on the QB, it makes it a lot easier for the secondary and everyone out in coverage. I think you give credit to the secondary, too. When Scheelhaase is out there scrambling at the end, we did a great job staying in coverage and kudos to the D-line for getting as much pressure as they can. They did a great job the whole second half."