Postgame Quotes - Illinois 43, Indiana 13


Oct. 23, 2010

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Postgame Quotes
Illinois 43, Indiana 13
Memorial Stadium // Oct. 23, 2010 // 53,550

Opening Statement:

"I told the guys all week long that every time we play Indiana, it's always a barn-burner. You don't know who is going to win until the end. And, obviously, their defense did a great job and rose to the occasion. And, our defense did a great job as well. It was a great win for us and now we'll be able to enjoy it today and start on Purdue tomorrow."

On putting pressure on Indiana quarterback Ben Chappell:
"Our guys did a great job, especially our front getting in there. And, the second string defense helped. We had a great plan and didn't do a lot of special things. Our guys catered to the things the coaches implemented."

On linebacker Martez Wilson:
"He made some big plays, and all I know he's a force out there. He really is. The first block he got we actually had a return called, but, he's so explosive. I think the leadership he shows in practice shows a lot. He is practicing the way you want him to and I think he'll continue to improve."

On quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase:
"He Hurt his hand in the first half, but I think he'll be fine. He played the whole second half, so it can't be that bad. We just want to make sure he's taken care of."

On holding Indiana to field goals in the red zone:
"I think when you can hold them to a field goal, that's big. It really is. They're playing hard and they know they get in the red zone and it's something we work extremely hard on. We just have to keep getting better."

On the defense creating five turnovers:
"We stress turnovers all the time. They come and go. And, hopefully, we're able to get them for a while. It gives us another opportunity. And, we said before the best chance to slow down their offense was keeping the ball away from them. Turnovers were big, especially getting points from them. "

On safety Pat Nixon-Youman:
"He had a bad, bad injury two springs ago. It's taken him a while to get back to where he can play, but I really think today gave him confidence. He's been practicing better, so I'm really happy for him.

RB Mikel Leshoure
On things opening up after the early run:

"You always expect things to eventually pop open after a while and we were struggling for a little bit. We had a big run and it opened some things up and gave us some confidence. It got the offense going a little bit."

On Indiana defense stopping the rushing game:
"They blitzed a lot inside and caused us to bounce a lot of things out. You can tell that their game plan was to stop our rushing offense. They did a very good job with their game plan."

The lift that defense gives you when they are doing well:
"There is definitely a lift to see those guys go out there. They have been so close to getting turnovers all year. To see them come out and get three interceptions, it could have been even more. And just to play with the energy they have gives the offense some excitement and to encourage us to go out and play like those guys."

LB Martez Wilson
On the progress of the defense:

"That loss actually pushed us harder this week at practice and preparation. I think every week Coach Vic is going to give us the best game plan, and along with the other coaches, give us the best game plan to put the players in the best positions to make as many plays as possible. Coach is always saying anybody can make a play. Plays don't ask for a particular person to make them, just make them."

On the performance of the defense:
"I think everybody was vibing off each other. You get a good energy once you see a defensive player make a big sack or interception. That just pushes a player to strive even harder with confidence and the mental part of the game."

On preparation for this game:
"It comes with a great game plan. Sometimes they don't know what coverage we have because we have different looks. We do something different every week. Our game plan was just to attack. Attack, attack, attack."

DT Corey Liuget
On defense hitting its stride and playing together:

"It is preparation. We do all we can in practice and we go out and perform every Saturday to execute and get better."

On defense creating turnovers:
"We have to think like we are on offense sometimes when we are out there on defense. We try to get turnovers and take the ball away and create points."

DB Patrick Nixon-Youman
On defense scoring:

"We just went out with a chip on our shoulder from last week. We came back and worked hard. We just connected on the plays we didn't last week."

On making an interception:
"Coach Vic (Koenning) put me in the right position. All week long he told me read my keys, read my keys, learn what to do. I woke up this morning and I studied, studied, and studied. We came here and I studied some more. I just went out and did it."

On making a big play for the team:
"The feeling is indescribable. I was just caught in the moment. I made it and got back out there and tried to make another one."

Opening Statement:

"Well, this was a game where we made way too many mistakes to win the football game. Obviously the turnovers were huge, particularly the turnovers that went back for scores or set up field position. We gave them a short field and they took advantage of it."

On Illinois:
"Illinois is a very good football team that put some pressure on us and probably forced some of the turnovers. They are a good pass rushing team because they can put pressure on you with four guys without having to blitz a lot and they are a very talented defensive football team. There is experience and some very, very good players."

On Indiana:
"We held Illinois off in some key situations. I think our defense played hard, improved each week and I saw that out there today. Yet, we just can't turn the ball over like we did and expect to win a Big Ten football game. We just weren't efficient enough to expect to score. We gave up one long drive but other than that we made Illinois earn their win."

On TE Ted Bolser:
"He's developing into a really good football player that is a big target and plays well. He's got good hands and is doing a good job blocking, too".

On QB Ben Chappell:
"I played his position, too, and sometimes it happens. You have days like today but nobody will bounce back better than he will and I'll take Ben Chappell any day of the week. He'll be in the film room tomorrow studying his own mistakes which is what makes him an excellent quarterback and a very, very good leader."

On the future for Indiana:
"Well, losing is part of playing a game. We're disappointed. We're going to take a shower, we're going to feel bad going home, but we're going to wake up tomorrow and get ready for Northwestern because that's what you do as a football team."

"My approach is we lost a football game and we only get a chance to play 12 of them. They are all very important. No one game is more important than the other. We have five big games left, so you have to look at it with a critical eye and the things that got us beat weren't things we can't correct. We didn't get exposed in areas that we don't have any answers for."

TE Ted Bolser
On Ben Chappell:

"Ben (Chappell)'s going to correct it. He's a smart guy. He's going to go back and watch as much film as he needs to. But we just got to rely on Ben to go back and fix that himself. The offensive line, all of us tight ends, everybody didn't give him enough time to pass the ball, so we got to go back to the basics of blocking and technique and everything"

On the Indiana defense:
"Our defense played really well. It was one of the best games they've played. Hopefully, they'll continue that and our offense will start clicking."

On breaking IU record for season touchdowns by a tight end record:
"It's a good thing, but I'd still rather come out with the W. I wish I could have scored as many more touchdowns to win, so it's a little thing right now to me. I just want to get some wins and go to a bowl game."

DL Adam Replogle
On the disappointment of losing a big game:

"We're obviously disappointed. I mean a loss is a loss, but I think on Monday, we're going to watch film and we're going to come out there and get ready to beat Northwestern."

On the sense of urgency to become bowl eligible:
"I don't know if there's a sense of urgency, but we definitely need to win some games. And it starts next week."

On the defensive line:
"We kind of grew up together as a defensive tackle group. We're kind of a young defensive tackle group and defensive line group, but I definitely think that every week, we've taken some positive steps. "

LB Tyler Replogle
On picking up the offense after a turnover:

"It's something we talk about all year, so it's not really frustrating. We kind of thrive on it. The offense has helped us out so many times this year, so it feels good to be in a position where we can help them back out. That's what a team is. So we kind of like being put in that position, so we can help out our offense."