Post-Game Quotes


Oct. 21, 2007

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Opening statement...
"The bottom line is we can't make the mistakes we did against a good football team like that and expect to come out ahead. We made mistakes and I thought with the exception of the last eight minutes, we played pretty well. We did some things wrong we need to improve on, but its part of learning and where we have to be as a program. As a team, we have to get in that mindset of learning how to win. We will get back to work on Monday."

On the penalties...
"You don't teach facemask and holding penalties, but when you teach guys to be aggressive it is going to happen. Playing aggressive and playing hard is good, but up against good football teams, you can't do some of the things we did and get away with it."

On Michigan's offense...
"Michigan had 228 yards passing between their two quarterbacks. We gave up some big plays and that definitely hurt us. Henne got hurt, but they still came out and had a tough running football game."

On the rest of the season...
"We still have a lot of football to play. We only have two Big Ten losses and there is still a lot of ball left this season. I told our team that you can't get down and you can't hang your head. We'll be right back on track next week."


#83 Jacob Willis

General thoughts on the game:
"Everybody played pretty hard. We left some plays out there on the field, made some mistakes, but I'm pretty much proud of everybody. We tried hard and played four quarters."

On his touchdown catch:
"It was a little play action. It was a play that we were working on throughout the week in practice. It just opened up, but it seems like it doesn't matter with the loss." On moving forward:
"We just have to work from here. We have Ball State next week. We have to work from here. The game's over. We just have to forget about it."

#47 J Leman

On the penalties:
"Some of those facemasks you really can't help. I know you call them personal fouls, but you can't help that stuff. It just so happened that we got a lot of them tonight." On the future:
"Well, you know we got our 24-hour rule. You've got 24 hours to think about the loss, then you move on. I think next week really defines our season."

#94 David Lindquist

On the game:
"We played well on both sides of the ball. It's just we shot ourselves in the foot too many times with penalties. I was fired up. It was a real fun game to play. They are a great team. They really play hard, but we just came up short."


Opening statement:
"I thought it was a great football game. I thought both football teams played extremely hard. Illinois did a great job. They're a very, very good football team. I'm extremely proud of our team to come in here, fall behind and fight their way back with some of the issues we have on our team right now. I think the only word to describe Chad Henne is courageous. He did something special today in that stadium that anybody who was a member of this team will never forget. It was the ultimate team win for us today."

On Illinois' first drive of the game:
"The first kickoff return, Illinois gave us a new scheme, a well-designed play, and then they got the touchdown pass. After that we did a good job with special teams, and our offense and our defense did some great things today."

On quarterback Chad Henne:
"I'm not really going to get into his injuries. He could not play there for awhile. I think at the half, we were just hoping that he would be able to return at some point. But that really was up to him, depending on how he felt. He's the only guy who knows whether he can go in. Henne's not about to go in there when he can't play, because he cares too much about the team."


Running Back Carlos Brown

On Michigan's win...
"It was a big win. Illinois is a great team with a great defense. Every win is sweet. We just want to keep them coming."

On Chad Henne's performance...
"Chad is a very hard-worker. He wanted to be there with us and fight with us. I'm glad he came back."

Safety Jamar Adams

On Michigan's defensive performance...
"The media made it seem like the spread offense was our Achilles' heel. We did a good job containing their running game."

Wide Receiver Adrian Arrington

On his touchdown pass...
"It was actually a crazy play because I didn't run that in practice all week. I was thinking I was going to run it the whole time but then I saw Mario (Manningham) and I knew I had to throw it to him."