Illinois-Iowa Postgame Quotes


Oct. 14, 2000

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Quotes - Coach Ron Turner
Illinois vs. Iowa
October 14, 2000

Opening Statement

It was nice to get this win today. It took us awhile to get our fourth win, but this felt good for all of us. Our players really came out today and competed. They came out with a lot of heart and a lot of intensity. It felt good to get those turnovers and to get the ball in the end zone today.

On Offense

We didn't really do anything special today. We just went out there and played football. During the past week we decided to back to the basics and that showed today. I'm proud of the way that we went out there and played good, solid football.

On Defense

Our defense played well today. A shutout is a big confidence booster for them. I saw them playing with a lot more emotion today. They played harder and faster than they have been and I think that made all the difference for them.

On WR Aaron Moorehead

He's playing good football for us right now, but I think the key to him is his consistency. He is capable of making a lot of plays consistently for us, which is something that all young players need to learn to do. You have to remember that there are no juniors or seniors in the whole group, so Moorehead and the rest of those guys are learning as they go along.

On DE Fred Wakefield

Fred had a great game again for us today. I think the week off really helped him both physically and mentally. His body needed some time off. He came back rejuvenated and played really well.
Illinois vs. Iowa
October 14, 2000

LB Robert Franklin (on preparing for the game)

"We were up for this game. You play the way you practice and there was a lot of emotion on the field today. We came together as a team and as a defense. On defense we talked about playing as one heart and I think we did."

(on two weeks of practice)

"We had a lot of full-pad practices and we were very aggressive both weeks and we knew coming into this game that we had to be more aggressive."

(on the defense's confidence)

"This game was a big confidence booster. It's the first shutout I can remember and it helps especially coming back from the loss of Trayvon."

DB Anthony Hurd (on team's mentality)

"The team was more focused and we had a sense of urgency and purpose out there today. We came out with a warrior mentality and took that and ran with it."

WR Aaron Moorehead (on receivers making plays)

"As a whole, we knew we had to step it up and make plays."

(on his performance)

"Coach Turner had a one-on-one talk with me and he told me you play the way you practice. I took it to heart and had a real good practice. I know that I have to take advantage of the opportunities."