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Sept. 29, 2012

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Penn State 35, Illinois 7
Memorial Stadium // Sept. 29, 2012 // Attendance: 46,734

Illinois Head Coach Tim Beckman Post-Game Quotes

Opening Statement:
"Disappointed is the least word, I guess you could say. I know our football team is hurting and as we spoke to them in the locker room, it's time to step up and see what you're all about, see what this football team is all about and move forward. We can't turn the football over and we've go to move the football better, and we've got to tackle and do the things we feel are necessary for us to be successful, and we're just not getting those done the last two weeks."

On red zone struggles today:
"Penn State did a great job of coming in here, playing physical football, but when you get the ball inside the 30, in the red zone, that's the key to the game. We've got to come up with points, come up with touchdowns, can't turn the football over. And we have to stop them when they get in the red zone. We've got to force them to kick field goals or if we're on a short field, we cannot give up touchdowns."

On the upcoming weeks:
"We know we're going to be playing some physical football teams here coming up and we've just got to become a more physical football team and do what we need to do, plus stay healthy. That's kind of a double-edged sword right now, but that's one of the things we're going to have to address."

On Scheelhaase:
"We again had too many turnovers, but I know Nathan is very competitive and he bounced back after getting dinged up a little bit during this football game. (He) came back in, and I'm proud of Nathan. Nathan's fighting through an injury and he's trying to help this football team the best way he possibly can."

On the penalties:
"It's going to be addressed, there's no question about that. Those things will not be tolerated, we do not need those and we have got to correct them, so of course, those will be addressed. We've got to get better at doing those things so we're not holding and we're not leading with our heads, that's not taught. You know, we don't want anyone to be injured, so those are things we have to get better at doing."

Penn State Head Coach Bill O'Brien Post-Game Quotes

Opening statement:
"I think offensively again we left a lot of points off the board. I thought we ran the ball well, we played physical but I think we've got a lot of improving to do and I really want the kids to understand that. We have to do a better job coaching them up on certain things. I think defensively we played, for the most part, an excellent football game. We created turnovers again, Michael Mauti had two interceptions, we rushed the passer, we let him (Scheelhaase) out a few times. He's an athletic kid and he did a nice job but overall we played well. I thought special teams played better than it did against Temple. So overall good team effort, but still we have a really good Northwestern team coming in so we're gonna have to play a lot better then we did today to win that game."

On the offensive line and running game:
"I feel like these guys, this offensive line, is getting better every week. I've said that since day one really. In spring practice I felt like they were one of the most improved units. They're coached very well, there's great chemistry with those guys, they get along really well and care about each other and care about their teammates. They're physical players and we told them from day one of training camp that we were gonna try and be a physical offense, a north and south running team and they've done a nice job of that."

On the defensive performance:
"To me, they're a good defense. They're coached well, they understand the schemes, they play well as a unit, they communicate real well. They tackle well for the most part. I think they're making plays on the ball a little better than we were early in the year. They're doing a decent job on third down. So they're getting better every week, kind of like our football team. That's all you can ask right now."

On the last sequence of the first half:
"I thought that the ball was on the two yard line and I knew that if it was ruled down I knew that they were gonna give me a second cause they saw where the ball was down and there was a second to go. I thought it was on the two and it ended up being on the one. Hindsight being 20/20, I should've gone for a touchdown there and I take the blame for that. We have to execute better on the field goal but on the one yard line we've got to be able to punch it in there and I thought it was a little deeper than that."

On the win over Illinois:
"It's a Big Ten win, so it's a really big win for us to get off on the right foot in the Big Ten. These games are not easy, this conference is tough, so anytime you can get off on the right foot in the Big Ten that's a big deal."

Illinois Post-Game Player Quotes

QB Nathan Scheelhaase
On the team's outlook for the future:
"Well, we didn't play the way we wanted to, but there's still a lot of football left and the damage that's been done isn't season-ending at all, it isn't anything that we can't overcome, so that has to be the mindset."

On the status of his ankle:
"It's doing well, it felt really good today. I got nicked a little bit there, but it felt good on the plays I was in. It got loose on a couple scrambles as well. Obviously, I got nicked up and was able to bounce back pretty quick. Just took a play off and came back in, so that's good to see, too. That was about as bad a hit as you can get on a play like that and I was able to bounce back, and when you're able to do that, it means that you're back to where you need to be."

DT Glenn Foster
On the defensive veterans coming together:
"I feel that we just need to come together as a senior staff and just redevelop this team. We all need to buy in to what the coaches have consistently drilled into us: that we are a great team. We just need to be consistent with our responsibilities and do our jobs. You take the missed assignments and big plays away and we're in the game, so we just need to take care of the little things, to be honest. As a defense, we're feeling that we need to take it upon ourselves to create turnovers and score. We need to give the team opportunities as well, we can't just rely on the offense."

WR Ryan Lankford
On what's missing from the offense:
"We're going to have to take this film and really see what it was: missed opportunities, not moving the ball, just the normal stuff. I did not have a very good day according to my standard: a couple dropped balls, a penalty, which is just focus and focusing on the play. All in all, it just wasn't a very good day and I hold myself 100 percent accountable for that. Situations like that are tough to swallow."

On heading to Wisconsin for the next game:
"I'm excited for the game. I've never been up there, but I've heard it's pretty loud, so I think that's something you have to look forward to as a college football player. You have to look forward to the hostile environments and being the team that can come in and quiet the crowd."

OL Graham Pocic
On the offensive struggles:
"We worked hard in the offseason and put in the time, and to go out there and not execute and not play to our potential as an offense is frustrating. Injuries aren't an excuse, we can't score no points in the first half."

Penn State Player Post-Game Quotes

QB Matt McGloin
Was this game personal today?
"No, I don't really consider any games personal. It was just another opponent in the Big Ten. Illinois is a good football team. It's a good place to play, and we're happy to get away with the win."

On the offense:
"It was a rough start early on, couldn't get too much going. But at that point, we just wanted to let the game come to us, and we did a good job of that. But 35 points isn't enough for us, we should be putting up a lot more than that."

G John Urschel
On LB Michael Mauti:
"He's a physical player but I'd say the biggest thing is just his energy. He's one of the most energetic players I've ever seen. You look at him out there, he's running around making plays, he's jumping around just everywhere for four quarters."

On the Illinois defensive line:
"We certainly gained some confidence to be able to put up yards on them, considering that might be the best defensive line in the Big Ten excluding ours."

LB Michael Mauti
On this victory:
"It means a lot. This is our first Big Ten game. Obviously having to play against these guys, it was sweet. We haven't forgotten what happened this summer. Yeah, to be honest with you, we had that in the back of our minds, and that kept us going."

On his interception return:
"Yeah, 99 yards without a touchdown, that one's going to hurt. That's going to haunt my dreams, especially because we didn't get any points out of it."

Is each game like a bowl game, now, since you can't go to Indianapolis?
"Every game is just as important as the other one. We only have a fixed number of games, so were just going to be just as rowdy and just as jacked up for every game."

What happened at halftime?
"Yeah, I was playing peacemaker, you're correct on that observation. But I'm not sure exactly what happened, people just get tangled up in the pile and people don't like to be on their backs in the pile."