Post Game Quotes


Sept. 13, 2008


On the Illini's performance today...
"A win's a win and obviously that's the bottom line, but we're not happy with the way we played and there's some things we've got to get fixed. The biggest thing is we need to play with more emotion. Football is an emotional game and for some reason we're not flying around like we've got to. I thought our defense played well. (ULL) has a good offense, and maybe our offense got the game out of their system, so we can come together in the Big Ten and be ready to go. It'll be good for everybody to get away a little bit and get ready for the Big Ten, but we're going to have to play a lot better than that and we will play better once we get into the Big Ten schedule."

On the offensive performance...
"I wasn't on that side of the ball much the last two weeks. I was more concerned about getting the defense straight. Football is a game of emotion and a game of preparation, but we've got to do a better job. That team gave up 633 yards of offense last week. We're going to learn. We're going to learn just like every game we lost last year we learned from. We're in a game here where we were fortunate enough to win and we're going to learn from it. You've got to be ready to play 60 minutes on any given Saturday, and I think you've got to give (ULL) a lot of credit. They did a good job and I knew Ricky Bustle and those guys would come in here as the Ragin' Cajuns and they aren't going to quit against anybody.""

On concern about the offense...
"I think we'll be fine. That offensive staff will get them going and we'll be alright there, but, once again, it's a perfect example of being ready to play. You've got to prepare. It doesn't matter if you're playing Louisiana-Lafayette or you're playing the Green Bay Packers, you better prepare to play a heck of a game."

On emotion in the offense...
"We're young, but I'm not going to use that as an excuse. They're going to play the way they're capable of playing and that's the frustrating thing, if you don't play the way you're capable of playing then you get beat."

On players stepping up...
"We had a couple freshmen in there on their last drive and when we put them in there, they've got to make plays, and they'll learn from that. Russ Wellington will learn from that. I mean he felt awful but you know what that's a good player and he's going to be better for it. Jeff Allen played the whole half and I'm very proud of it. Ryan was needing to get going anyway so hopefully we'll get him back here, but those other guys will have to step up and play."


Senior linebacker Brit Miller

On stripping the ball and scoring a touchdown...
"We practice that every day in practice. It's the most boring, mundane part of practice but it paid off today. I got my hands on the ball, we were able to stand him up and I was able to rip it out and take it in to the endzone."

On the team's emotion...
"Last year we were blessed with an older team and right now we have a lot of young guys. Some of them are down about not getting to play. They will realize they will get their shot and remember it is a team game. We are expecting guys to play, that's why they are on scholarship, sometimes it just doesn't happen right away. We will get better at that and the guys with energy and emotion will be the ones playing."

Junior Tight End Michael Hoomanawanui

On his role in the offense...
"The coaches have talked about how getting me the ball will open up other things in the offense. I think everyone can see I am feeling more comfortable and it is transitioning to making plays."

On the passing game...
"We have definitely improved. It all starts with spring ball and practice. As long as I keep working hard, Juice will get me the ball."

Junior Quarterback Juice Williams

On the team's emotion...
"It's one of those things you have to feel. We just didn't have it today. We need to find that desire and emotion if we want to keep winning. Individually you have to find it and we will."

On correcting mistakes...
"We want to turn this into a positive. We are not satisfied with the feeling that we have right now. I'm hoping that we can learn from the mistakes that we made today and play better in two weeks."

Senior defensive tackle David Lindquist

On playing after a turnover...
"There are a lot of times when the offense will have a turnover and we know we have to get out there and play right away. We are going hard in practice everyday to prepare for all types of situations. "

On the offense...
"You hope the offense can go out there and dominate and do everything that they are capable of doing. Sometimes things don't go right and you have to be ready to step up."


On today's performance...
"I am really proud of our football team. We came into a hostile environment to play, but our kids responded and gave our team a chance to win. That is what we talk about every week, giving ourselves a chance to win. It's disappointing because at times we played really, really well. We probably had the best field position throughout the game that we've ever had, but just didn't cash in on it."

On what he learned from the team...
"I learned about the spirit that they had because it really came out today. They fought tooth and nail to the end. We had some success today and that always breeds believing in what you're doing. I thought we made some great strides, but by no means can we be satisfied with the way we played. We need to flip the page."

On the costliness of turnovers...
"We had two turnovers, which are always costly for you. One of them resulted in a touchdown, but I thought our kids fought hard."

On the defense...
"Defensively, I was so pleased with the way they played. There were some big plays out there and some tackles for losses. Anytime you go against a quarterback like Juice, you need to keep him contained. I think our defensive guys should feel good."

On special teams...
"I thought our special teams were solid. It was tough kicking against that wind. We made a big kickoff return, too."

On senior running back Tyrell Fenroy's setting the school's career rushing record...
"He would trade that record for a win in a heartbeat. He would rather have our team share in a victory."


Running Back Tyrell Fenroy

On breaking the school career rushing record:
"It really didn't hit me until after the game. Some guys came up and told me that I made the record, but it would have meant a whole lot more if we came out with the win. It hurts more now knowing that we lost and I wanted to get the record on a win. I was kind of disappointed, but at the same time it's a plus for me."

On Louisiana staying in the game:
"In the first quarter, we realized we could come out and establish the run and that we could play with these guys. I think some guys saw the crowd and came out a bit overwhelmed. After the offense went out on the first drive and saw we could move the ball, it opened everybody's eyes and we realized we could actually do this."

On team's mood in the fourth quarter:
"We were just pulling energy and playing with heart. The fourth quarter came and the offensive line, our receivers, quarterbacks and linebackers, everybody came together and there was no letting up. When they scored, there was still no letting up no matter what the clock said."

Quarterback Michael Desormeaux

Reflecting on the team's performance:
"I'm so proud of the guys out there. They fought so hard. Everybody wrote our defense off from last year and after the first game this year, but they came out here and play with intensity and got after (the Illini)."

On if the offensive game plan changed:
"We weren't trying to do anything different. We came in here planning on running the ball and we did well early, but they made some pretty good adjustments. Our game plan was a little smarter than it was the first week because we had more game film on Illinois and a better idea of what they would do. We came in here with less on our plate and tried to execute it better."

On if Illinois is a top 25 team:
"(Illinois) went out the first week and played Missouri and had a shootout over there. They came out today and played physical. They can be very dangerous offensively, but I think our defense did a really good job today."

Linebacker Grant Fleming

On how they slowed down Illinois' offense:
"Practice and preparation. Everybody took it more seriously this week of practice. We focused on a lot of fundamentals. We practiced the small things and it showed."