Illinois-Arizona State Postgame Quotes


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Postgame Quotes
Arizona State 45, Illinois 14
Sun Devil Stadium // Sept. 8, 2012 // Attendance: 54,128

Illinois Head Coach Tim Beckman

On the play of Illinois' two quarterbacks:
"I think they both came in and performed. We have to come in and perform more on a consistent basis but I thought Reilly (O'Toole) and Miles (Osei) both came in on offense and did some things. Of course, it wasn't near good enough for this opponent for this football game."

On Illinois' defense:
"We had a lot of eye violations. We didn't tackle well as the game progressed. I'm not going to point the finger at just the players. When we lose, we lose as a team. When we are going to fix it, we are going to fix it as a team. As I told them just a little bit ago, we are going to learn from this, we are going to come back and we are going to practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to fix the things that we did not do tonight."

On Arizona State's offensive performance:
"The credit goes to Coach (Todd) Graham and the Sun Devils. They did a very good job of preparing for us. We had a lot of what I said earlier in the week. We had a lot of eye violations. We aren't keying what we are supposed to key. As you saw, there were some wide-open receivers at times."

On getting their eyes caught in the backfield:
"I think the motion confused them and all those sorts of things. Like I said, I'm not pointing a finger at the players. When we lose, we lose as a team and when we win, we win as a team. The coaching staff has to be better, I have to be better and the players have to play better."

On bouncing back:
"This is definitely a learning experience. We will get on the plane and watch the film immediately as a coaching staff. We will be back in the office tomorrow and practice tomorrow night and get it corrected."

On whether or not Nathan Scheelhaase was an option to play tonight or not:
"He wasn't ready so we aren't going to put anything that is detrimental to him or the football team on the line. He just was not ready yet, so that is why we decided not to play Nathan."

On Scheelhaase being ready to play next week:
"I sure hope so. He has progressed dramatically since the injury occurred. He practiced but he just wasn't up to himself, so we aren't going to put him out there."

On the success of running backs:
"I thought both running backs (played well), and the offensive line was blocking some good schemes. I thought our power scheme and our belly scheme was good. (Josh) Ferguson ran well and I thought (Donovonn) Young ran well. (Dami) Ayoola, when we got him some reps in there, ran fairly decent."

On running back Josh Ferguson:
"Nothing that we haven't seen since really day one because he had a great spring. We have to continue to find ways to make sure Ferguson and Young and our playmakers get the ball in their hands. If it's running or screens or whatever, getting the ball to them on the perimeter, those are the things we have to do."

On losing Darius Millines and Steve Hull to injuries:
"Any time you lose players as dedicated as those two guys are, you walk out there and you see it in their eyes and you tell them to stay positive and hopefully we can get them back. But this game isn't about one or two players, it's about a group of players. We had 68 players that traveled and 68 players along with the coaching staff didn't perform today."

On ASU receiver Chris Coyle's big day:
"Well I thought that they did a lot of misdirection stuff. They put him in and brought him back behind the line of scrimmage a lot of times, end coverages. I just thought that they had a great scheme. There is no question about it. They were very successful with what they did offensively. They had 500 yards of offense."

On Miles Osei's interceptions:
"I think we forced it in there a little bit too much. We had the outlet or the first read was open and we just tried to force it into the coverage and ended up throwing interceptions."

On Osei giving them a spark:
"Speaking about Reilly first and taking the first two series and getting everything going his way and then Miles coming in and doing some things, running the football and actually throwing the football. He did some good things but we weren't consistent enough offensively and we need to be consistent if we want to be successful."

On Osei not playing second half:
"We just decided we would give Reilly a lot of reps in the second half. He [Miles] did ding up that ankle a little bit but he could have come back in and played."

On the game being a measuring stick without Scheelhaase:
"I hope not; we didn't play very well. To me, as I have talked about to the team, it's about how we prepare Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and we have to prepare better as a staff and as a team. I'm not pointing any fingers. I am taking total blame for this game and that's the way I take losses. We will have to fix it and get it done correctly so we can move forward."

On Scheelhaase not playing affecting the game:
"Any time you lose a quarterback that has been in 27 games back-to-back and has been a proven leader for two years, you're going to miss someone like that. That's not the total reason. That's not the reason we didn't cover receivers, missing tackles and throwing interceptions, and all that stuff. It's about a team and its about 22 guys playing. We did not perform in those areas tonight."