Q&A with Andy Schutzenhofer

Illini First Baseman Andy Schutzenhofer
Illini First Baseman Andy Schutzenhofer

May 3, 2001

Bill White - You list your father as the most influential person for you athletically. How has he helped you so far in your Illini career?

Andy Schutzenhofer - My dad was my coach in high school so we have talked baseball since I can remember. If my swing is off a little he will tell me what is wrong and maybe even take me out and try to correct the problem. He is always giving me advice on how to improve.

BW - Is there a particular player in the major leagues who you model yourself after?

AS - Just about any good hitter. Guys like Tony Gwynn for example because he is a tough out every time at bat and he always seems to get on base whether it be a hit or walk.

BW - How would you convince a recruit to come to U of I?

AS - I would tell them that first it is a great school academically. Also the coaching staff is really good from Coach Jones on down. The facilities are great as well so all-around the school is a good choice.

BW - I know it is a long way away, but who do you predict will meet in this year?s World Series?

AS - I would love to see the Cardinals get there but the Braves are always tough. The Yankees are always a safe bet out of the American League. As much as I would like to say the Cardinals against someone I will have to predict the Braves versus the Yankees. BW - What are some goals of yours for the remainder of your career?

AS - Everyone would love to be drafted out of college, but I just need to be the best player I can be and help out everyone else on the team.

BW - If you could go visit any major league stadium, where would you go?

AS - I like how the Anaheim Angels stadium looks on television with the huge rocks over the outfield wall. I am sure that is an amusing ballpark.

BW - Last year was an incredible season. What did you learn from it to carry into this year?

AS - Last year being a freshman I just tried to get accustomed to the college game because it is a big jump from high school baseball to college. I tried to learn the basic things but now that I have settled in I am trying to get better every day and learn what it takes to be successful at this level.