Q&A with Illini Ace Andy Dickinson

Illini Ace Andy Dickinson
Illini Ace Andy Dickinson

April 17, 2001

Q: What characteristic or trait of yours do people think of first when they think of you?

Andy Dickinson: I hope people think ?that kid has a lot of heart and he is a competitor.?

Q: What?s the biggest difference between last year when you were one of four starters and this year when you?ve taken over as the staff ace?

AD: There?s more pressure this year, which I like. Last year Jason (Anderson) was the ace and I was in the shadow which was ok because I needed the experience.

Q: In 20 years when you see a kid walking down the street in an Illinois hat, what is the first thing you?ll remember about your time on this team?

AD: I think I will smile just thinking of the memories and images I have gained by playing baseball at the University of Illinois.

Q: What will you be doing in 10 years?

AD: Hopefully happily married with a good job.

Q: If I told you right now that practice was canceled, what would you do with your afternoon?

AD: Watch TV, then go outside and shoot around with the basketball because I always have to be active.

Q: Who has been the biggest influence on your life?

AD: I would say my parents because they always gave me the support to keep chasing after my dreams.

Q: What TV show is most likely to be on at your apartment?

AD: If I have control of the remote, the Sopranos.

Q: After you make your first couple million, what will you donate to the Illinois Baseball program first?

AD: I would just donate money and let the team use it for whatever they need the most at the time.

Q: Of all the guys you?ve played with during your career at Illinois, who will be the first to play in the major leagues and why?

AD: Our shortstop from last year, Chris Basak. He has a great work ethic, not to mention a lot of talent. He?s just a great player.

Q: What?s your favorite famous movie line?

AD: You?re going down, sucker. OK, peace out! -Big Daddy

Q: What famous sight, city or landmark have you seen on a trip with the team that you thought you might never see?

AD: The Hollywood sign in the hills when we flew over Los Angeles on the way home from Spring Break.

Q: Tell me about one team ritual or superstition the average Illinois Baseball fan doesn?t know about.

AD: Joke of the Day. We always tell a joke in our huddle before practice or a game.