Spirit Squad
2011-2012 Cheerleaders Selected


April 11, 2011

University of Illinois cheerleading coach Stephanie Record announced the 2011-12 team following two days of tryouts over the weekend. The squad, which supports UI intercollegiate athletics and serves as ambassadors at university functions and community events, consists of 28 cheerleaders - 10 males and 18 females. Two female stunt groups were added to next year's team to supplement the 10-couple co-ed team.

2011-12 Illinois Cheerleaders:
Kayleigh Ackermann, Jordyn Adler, Alex Antron, Austin Blessman, Kyle Brownfield, Brandon Buchanan, Chris Burke, Staci Clabough, Eric Cornell, Devon Cramer, Maddie Dardanes, Jackie Dimonte, Abby Esker, Kristin Kennedy, Julia Kidd, Courtney Kramer, Stephanie Lee, Emily McLaughlin, Alex Pierce, Neva Sanfilippo, Luke Schubert, Scott Ward, Emily Weber, Kayla Weintraub, Alyssa Wichmann, Max Wichmer, Dave Winters, Joey Zajcew

The 2011-12 Illinois cheerleading squad

Back: Max Wichmer, Luke Schubert, Joey Zajcew, Austin Blessman, Brandon Buchanan, Chris Burke, Eric Cornell, Kyle Brownfield, Scott Ward, Dave Winters
Middle: Neva Sanfilippo, Kayleigh Ackermann, Courtney Kramer, Emily McLaughlin, Julia Kidd, Abby Esker, Jordyn Adler, Staci Clabough, Emily Weber, Alyssa Wichmann
Front: Alex Antron, Kristin Kennedy, Kayla Weintraub, Alex Pierce, Devon Cramer, Jackie Dimonte, Maddie Dardanes, Stephanie Lee