ARC Pool

Address: 201 E Peabody Dr. Champaign, IL 61820

The ARC pool features a 50-meter by 25-yard pool of eight competitive lanes for varsity swimming, as well as an outdoor 50-meter four-lane pool. The pool water is temperature and chlorine regulated by a computerized filter system, and rough water during competition is minimized by trench drains.

Also featured in the facility is a separate diving area adjacent to the competitive swimming lanes, in addition to an outdoor diving area. The diving facilities include two one-meter springboards over 13-1/2 feet of water and two three-meter springboards over 14 feet of water. All springboards are maxi-flex Model "B" and are mounted on Dura-Firm fulcrums and hinges on top of welded Kiefer stainless steel standards.

The dry-land equipment includes one trampoline and one dry-land diving board, also with an overhead spotting rig.

The facility has added the Colorado Time System No. 5, one of the most sophisticated timing units available. The sophisticated system provides complete and accurate meet results and times quickly and efficiently.

The ARC pool includes new features as well, such a 1,175 square-foot locker room. Campus recreation is also adding a new hall of fame area inside the aquatic center, in addition to a new scoreboard and video screen.

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