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Recruit Questionnaire

Welcome to the University of Illinois! If you are interested in playing for the Orange and Blue, the first "4 Steps to Being Recruited" are provided below. A tremendous commitment is required to excel academically at Illinois, while also participating in a varsity sport. Our student-athletes meet that commitment, with more than half regularly earning semester GPAs of 3.0 or higher. So, if you are a high school, preparatory school, or 2-year college student-athlete, who is committed to excellence, the information below is intended for you. Please note that NCAA rules do not allow institutions to make contact by telephone or in writing (including e-mail) until a prospect's junior year.

Four Steps To Being Recruited

1. You must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse

2. You must complete all Illinois Admission Procedures

3. You are strongly encouraged to apply for Financial Aid

4. You must complete an application for Housing


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