Our Purpose

As major collegiate athletics continue to grow at an astounding rate, the focus of the I FUND remains true to the founding principle of college sports: cultivating and preparing Illinois student-athletes to be leaders in industry, business and community. With degrees earned at our prestigious University, Illinois student-athletes leave Champaign-Urbana armed with the knowledge derived from a collection of the nation's preeminent academic programs and the confidence and leadership borne of the pressure and achievement from competing on the nation's premier collegiate stage, the Big Ten Conference.

The I FUND's expectation is nothing less than we expect of our teams: to be the very best. We strive to provide the best in support services, athletic facilities and academic opportunities for all of our student-athletes. This is only possible through the continued generosity of those private individuals, families and businesses involved in the program. By providing funding to meet the rising costs of financing each student's education, lifelong fans and loyal alumni are able to connect on a very personal level with Illinois student-athletes and the Fighting Illini athletic teams.

Our Challenge

In the past ten years, tuition at the University of Illinois has risen over 120 percent. Because we receive no financial support for scholarships from taxpayers, the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics must independently bear the weight of this additional burden through private funding. With no anticipated end to the rising costs of post-secondary education, steady growth remains imperative to our continued success.

Illinois Athletics Development
Bielfeldt Athletics Administration Building
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Phone: 217-333-6595
Email: ifund@illinois.edu
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