The Illinois identity reinforces the commitment of the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics to serve our student-athletes by providing a supportive environment for the achievement of each individual's potential in the classroom and upon the field of competition.

Block I

Illinois is a place of crossroads. It is a connection point between East and West. The primary ā€œIā€ logo serves as a foundation for the Illinois Athletics brand. The mark accurately reflects the spirit of University of Illinois Athletics and positions us confidently for the future. It is the visual expression of the concept of duality referenced in the University of Illinois motto, "Learning and Labor."

Victory Badge

The Victory Badge is inspired by modern superheroes. The primary ā€œIā€ logo is at the center, encased by two facing F's to symbolize the fight the Fighting Illini encounter on the field of play. It is grounded by vertical stripes, referencing the columns at Memorial Stadium that pay tribute to the original Fighting Illini who gave their lives for their country. The mark ends in a powerful V shape, standing for victory.

A fresh new look without losing the proud traditions of Illinois.

-- Kevin Hambly, Fighting Illini Volleyball Coach

The wordmarks are italicized to signify the intensity and energy of competition. They lean forward; ready to take on their opponent. The split-color styling of the wordmarks is inspired by the history of Illinois's primary colors.

These uniforms put us on the cutting edge in women's basketball.

-- Matt Bollant, Fighting Illini Women's Basketball Coach


Type tells a story. The right typeface used consistently builds character. The swift movements of Red Grange and the progressive nature of Illinois Athletics inspire the unique letterforms.


Custom athletic numerals unite athletics across multiple sports. They are bold and energetic, infused with speed. The serifs are sleek and powerful, drawing inspiration from the fast cuts and aggressive playing style of Red Grange.

The Fighting Illini brand has a history and a story that is waiting to be told.

-- Janet Rayfield, Fighting Illini Soccer Coach