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To facilitate the schedules of Division of Intercollegiate Athletics coaches and administrators and to expedite media requests, the University of Illinois Sports Information Office requires media personnel to arrange interview requests through the Sports Information staff. This interview procedure is designed to enhance the availability of DIA staff members to answer questions from the media at a time which best facilitates each individual's schedule.

In most situations, student-athletes are not available on the day of scheduled intercollegiate competition until after the event is completed. Players have been instructed not to talk to media who haven't coordinated their requests through Sports Information. The team locker room and training room are off limits to media personnel.

WILL-TV on the university campus can provide a feed point for live interviews and taped video via a high bandwidth fiber-video transport to Vyvx/Chicago. Contact Production Manager Jeff Cunningham to inquire or schedule a feed at 217-377-6825 or


Working credentials are subject in all respects to the Media Credential Criteria and Policies set forth by the Big Ten Conference and University of Illinois as in effect from time to time. Working credentials are issued for the sole purpose of providing facility access to an accredited agency's employee who has a legitimate working function (media or game service) in conjunction with this game or games. It is non-transferable and non-assignable and any duplication or alteration of this document is prohibited. Any unauthorized use of this credential subjects the bearer to ejection from the facility and prosecution for criminal trespass. Any secondary use of any picture, photograph, audio description, video, film/tape, drawing or other description of a game taken or made by the accredited organization or individual to whom this credential has been issued (including, but not limited to use in delayed editorial or non-editorial advertising, sales promotion or merchandising) is prohibited without prior specific written approval of the University of Illinois or the Big Ten Conference. Nothing in these terms and conditions authorizes or allows bearer to violate any of the trademarks, copyright and other proprietary rights of the University of Illinois or the Big Ten Conference. A maximum of two minutes (2:00) of game video footage (without audio) may be utilized during the 48 hours/one week period following the conclusion of the game solely within regularly scheduled bona fide news programming distributed via television, and may not be distributed via the internet, wireless or other forms of media.


Media credentials are issued only for individuals who are affiliated with web sites for national or regional television and news media organizations, e.g. USA Today Online, ESPN, CNN/SI, CBS Sportsline,,, etc., for institutions that are conference members and non-conference opponents, and for the Big Ten Conference. The University of Illinois reserves the right to deny media credentials to any individual whose web site is not affiliated with an official news-gathering organization.


Media Agencies and Representatives shall not transmit or display any real-time video or audio, while the Event or live network presentation of the Event is in progress. Photographs or any text-based accounts or descriptions of the Event (including without limitation, any web log, blog, online journal or other web-based publication) during the event is only allowed with the advance written permission of the University of Illinois Division of Intercollegiate Athletics.

Football Media Information


Entrance to press box Enter the press box through Gate 10 via the press elevator located in the Northwest corner of Memorial Stadium (press box side of the field). Press level for all working media is level 8.

Working Press Deck (level 8): This level is reserved for print media, originating and non-originating radio, network television and sports information personnel. Wireless internet is available free of charge to working media. If you have concerns about meeting tight deadlines, we strongly encourage you to order your own telephone (see "Telephones" section).

Photo Deck (level 5): This deck, located on the West Balcony level, offers a limited area for all broadcast video photographers who are covering the game. This area also will be used by network television and Illini Productions. Food service for media utilizing this area is in the main press box or in the photo tent. Photo TENT (field level/SE corner): This area offers a field-level workroom for photographers covering the game. In addition to work tables and power outlets, wireless internet service is provided. This area contains pregame and halftime food service for photographers. PHoto vests are obtained here. Suites and club seats (level 6/7): This level contains individual suites and an indoor club seating for the 77 Club. Levels 6 and 7 are not accessible to the media.

Sidelines: The University of Illinois follows NCAA and Big Ten rules regarding media representatives on the sidelines. Photographers are not permitted to shoot between the 25-yard lines and they must wear both a sideline credential and a photo vest at all times. Violators of the policy will be escorted from the stadium.

MEDIA WILL CALL (State Farm Center Box Office)

Credentials that are not mailed may be picked up at the "Press Will Call" at the box office of the State Farm Center. Will Call opens two hours before kickoff. Persons picking up credentials will be required to provide photo identification. All credentials are non-transferable.


Media and photography credential and parking applications will be accepted online at Season credential requests should be made by Friday, August 14. Single-game credential requests should be made two weeks prior to each game to ensure mail delivery, or no later than Monday before each game for will call or pre-game day pickup. Illinois sports information staff will review each application and individuals will receive an e-mail notification following that review. Please note that in the event of heavy demand for credentials for a particular game, requests will be prioritized according to published circulation numbers. Spouses, dates, non-workers and children will not be permitted in the press box. Media agencies violating this policy will not be issued credentials for future games. The press box is open to the media four hours prior to kickoff.

Sideline: Photographers with game-day sideline credentials must enter through the press box entrance on the northwest side of Memorial Stadium (Gate 10). To secure a photo vest, photographers must go through to the photo tent in the SE corner of the playing field. Game credential alone will not gain admittance to the sidelines during the game. You must have a photo vest! Refreshments are available for photographers in the photo tent before each game and at halftime. Wireless passwords also can be obtained in the photo tent.


Media parking is located in Lot 32, which is located on the SW corner of First and Kirby, south of Memorial Stadium. Entrance to the parking lot is off First Street. Parking credentials should be requested at the same time game-day working credentials are requested. If time permits (at least five working days), both credentials will be mailed. Those who request parking passes the week of the game must pick them up by 5 p.m. Friday at the UI Sports Information Office (1700 S. Fourth St., Champaign).


The Sports Information Office has a limited number of rooms reserved in the Champaign-Urbana area. Please contact SID office manager Jennifer Funderburk, 217-333-1391, at least two weeks in advance. These rooms will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


Telephone lines in the press box must be ordered at least two weeks in advance of the game(s) for which they are needed. The orders should be addressed to AT&T (800/321-8152 or 800/443-9370 fax), during regular business hours. No telephone lines or instruments are available through the UI Sports Information Office. The stadium address is 1402 South First Street, Champaign, IL 61820. Photographers are encouraged to use wireless access in the photo tent rather than installing phone lines.


Media members and photographers will have direct access to the internet for their use during games through wireless access. All wishing to use wireless internet should present their credential to a sports information representative in the press box or photo tent to receive a wireless password.


Play-by-play, halftime and complete final statistics, quote sheets, and pregame and postgame notes are all regular services on game day. Coach Tim Beckman and selected Illinois players will be available approximately 10-15 minutes after the conclusion of the game and will be brought to the interview room (located on the ground floor of the football facility in the northeast corner of Memorial Stadium). A member of the UI SID staff will escort media members to the Illinois interview area and will leave the press box with approximately five minutes remaining in the game. Media will be escorted to the postgame interview area through the team entrance after the team has exited the field. Those interested in audio-taping grouped interviews should connect their recorders to the distribution amplifier provided. Output from the device is microphone level, terminated in 1/8" two-conductor plugs and jacks, or three-pin standard microphone male connectors. The visiting SID will lead media down to the visitor's interview area, located in the visiting locker room in the northwest corner of the stadium.


The best time to interview Coach Tim Beckman is each Tuesday at his weekly press luncheon at 11:30 a.m. in the squad room in the Northeast Tower of Memorial Stadium. The press conference also can be accessed via teleconference. Contact the sports information office for conference phone number. Media parking is in the NE State Farm Center parking lot. The DIA is not responsible for any parking tickets received. The University of Illinois offers a weekly football satellite feed, with comments from Coach Tim Beckman's weekly press conference on Tuesdays during the season. For satellite coordinates and exact time, contact sports information at (217) 333-1391.


Players are available for media interviews in person or via telephone Monday and Tuesday of each game week. There is a weekly player teleconference, featuring three athletes, at 2 p.m. CT each Monday. Requested players also will be brought to Coach Beckman's weekly press conference on Tuesdays for interviews after its conclusion, between Noon-1 p.m. Requests must be received by Monday. Players also are available immediately following practice. Please arrange interview requests in advance with the Sports Information Office, 217-244-3886. We will make every effort to fulfill your request, however, the student-athletes' academic and athletic requirements take priority.


The "Tim Beckman Show" airs Monday nights at 6:30 p.m. on the Fighting Illini Radio Network. The live call-in show originates from Houlihans at the I Hotel in Champaign. The show is hosted by Brian Barnhart, the play-by-play voice of Fighting Illini football.

Men's Basketball Media Information

State Farm Center

All media will enter the arena through the Northeast Entrance and will park in the Northeast Lot, located on Fourth Street. After you enter the State Farm Center concourse, turn left to access the media room (enter at Room 125 and then take stairs or elevator down one flight to media room, located on Mezzanine Level). We will have wireless internet access and phone lines available in the media room where all press can work postgame. Occasionally, the State Farm Center stage crew will be setting up for another event and the press row area will be taken down immediately following some games. Before every home game a meal will be provided in the media room 1 1/2 hours prior to tip-off. You also may secure roster sheets, media guides and pre-game notes in the media room beginning two hours prior to tip-off.


All photographers must work from within the designated areas behind the baselines of the playing court. The University of Illinois follows NCAA and Big Ten guidelines regarding event photography. Photo locations are first-come, first-served, but in the event of heavy demand for photo credentials for a particular game, shooting locations may be assigned.

Strobes: Photographers wishing to use strobe equipment at Illinois home games must notify the Illinois Sports Information staff at least one week in advance of the game for which they are requesting. There is a charge for installation and/or use of such equipment. A maximum of two strobe units may be used for any individual game. All photographs are to be used in coverage of Illinois basketball and cannot be sold for any commercial enterprise benefiting the photographer. Should photos be sold commercially, credential privileges could be terminated.


A limited number of media parking passes are available for men's basketball games at the State Farm Center. The issuance of passes will be done on a priority basis with media who cover the University of Illinois basketball team on a regular basis holding the highest priority. Requests will then be prioritized according to circulation for newspapers and coverage area for radio and television. A replacement pass WILL NOT BE ISSUED IF THE ORIGINAL IS LOST. To avoid game traffic, media are encouraged to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to tip-off.


A limited number of charge-a-call lines will be provided in the working press room. Any individual wishing to order phone lines for the season or for a single game should direct the request to AT&T (800) 321-8152 during regular business hours. Street address for the State Farm Center is 1600 South First Street, Champaign, IL 61820. Post-game, all media are asked to utilize the phone lines in the working press room because the press row seating area on the floor will be taken down immediately following several games in preparation for the next event.


The media workroom at the State Farm Center has wireless Internet access for working media. Media members and photographers who want to use a wireless connection during a game in the State Farm Center media seating area behind the scorer's table/team bench will need to contact a UI Sports Information representative to receive a wireless login and password. For more information about equipment and software needs to utilize wireless, please reference the following page on the University of Illinois website:


Media are strongly encouraged to use the official University of Illinois athletics website, to access the box score following home games. Updated Illinois season statistics will be available following each game. The University of Illinois will not be faxing its basketball releases to media personnel. All persons wishing to receive releases, stats, or box scores should retrieve the information off the official UI athletics web site at To receive releases via email, contact SIDs Derrick Burson or Kent Brown.


Illinois releases, statistics, audio and video of press conferences and live radio coverage of the Fighting Illini games are available on the official University of Illinois athletics web site, In addition to men's basketball, live audio is available on the web for football, women's basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball and the coaches' radio show broadcasts.


Illinois basketball practices will be open on select days during the season. Media interested in attending practice must contact SIDs Derrick Burson or Kent Brown to confirm the time and place. The Illinois basketball team will generally practice at 3 p.m. on weekdays and practice times on weekends will be listed as TBA. Most practices will be held at the Ubben Basketball Practice Facility, except for isolated times when the team will practice at the State Farm Center. Please note that the locker room area, weight room and training room are off limits to members of the media. In order to avoid congestion on the floor area, media who attend practice are asked to watch from the balcony area on the second floor that overlooks the court at the Ubben Basketball Practice Facility.


The University of Illinois will utilize the media room, located on the Mezzanine Level on the Northeast side of the State Farm Center, for post-game interviews. Head Coach John Groce and selected Illinois players will be brought to this area for interviews, along with the opposing head coach. Opposing players will be available outside their locker room. Player requests for the visiting team should be made through that school's Basketball SID. If you need to interview an Illinois player who has not been requested for the interview room, please make specific arrangements with a member of the Illinois Sports Information staff. The normal schedule will begin with selected Illinois players, followed by the opposing coach and concluding with John Groce.