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Bud Hackman
Bud Hackman

Manager of System Services

Bud Hackman has worked for the University of Illinois since arriving at the University in the Fall of 1996. While an undergraduate, he worked as an OnSite Computer Consultant for Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES) and as a Zamboni driver at the University of Illinois Ice Arena.

In 2000, Hackman started work as a research programmer for CITES Departmental Services. While at CITES, Hackman started at DIA and the Office of Instructional Resources; however, he was moved around to other units across campus as needs for his skills grew in 2003. He had the opportunity to return to the DIA in 2005 and was hired directly to the staff in 2008.

Hackman now manages DIA's virtual and physical server infrastructure, provides system administration and desktop management. He also provides game-day and Assembly Hall Entertainment venue support.

A native of St. Jacob, Ill., Hackman received his Bachelor of Science in chemistry with a double major in speech communications from the University of Illinois in 2000. He and his wife, Erika, have two children and reside in Champaign.