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    Pictorial Tour of the Irwin Academic Center

    Main Level: The main study table area consists of a monitored check in station and room for quiet study.

    Main Level: A break room is provided including vending machines for drinks and snacks. It also provides more tables for quiet study, meeting with a tutor, or working with a group.

    Main Level: The hallway leading from the main study area to the lounge.

    Main Level: The lounge of the Irwin Academic Services Center provides a comfortable area for studying.

    Main Level: Another view of the lounge. In addition to tables, couches and chairs are provided for a more comfortable study area.

    Lower Level: This classroom is on the lower level of the building. It is used for review sessions, meeting with tutors, and quiet study.

    Lower Level: Another area to meet with tutors.

    Lower Level: The second floor of the Irwin Academic Services Center is home to the administrative offices and counselor offices. This is the main reception area.

    Second floor: Weekly staff meetings and drop in tutoring are held in the conference room.

    Second floor: Counselor offices.

    Second floor: Counselor offices.

    Second floor: The main computer lab has a monitored check in station. Computers are equipped with all the programs found on University computer labs.

    Third Floor: Laser printers are provided in all 3 labs, and a scanner is provided in this lab.

    Third Floor: The middle computer lab has room for groups working on projects. The bulletin boards advertise upcoming CHAMPS/Life Skills programs and events.

    Third Floor: The third computer lab.

    Irwin Center


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