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    University of Illinois is committed to complete compliance with all applicable NCAA and Conference rules without exception. Compliance is required in all situations regardless of a violation's perceived significance, the reasonableness of a rule, or whether or not compliance will result in a competitive disadvantage. Lack of attention to these rules or lack of knowledge is not an acceptable explanation for involvement in a violation. This commitment to compliance is uniformly shared and is enforced by the Chancellor, the Athletic Board and the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics administration.

    Failure to report a violation makes one complicit in the violation. All DIA employees are responsible for knowing the rules, complying with the rules and reporting any potential violations in a manner consistent with the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics procedures to either the Director of Athletics or the Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance. Each Division of Intercollegiate Athletics employee's responsibility to report potential violations is clearly described in the annual Notification of Appointment letter from the University.

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