Michael Hoomanawanui heads a group of more-than-capable tight ends on the 2009 Illinois football quad.
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Ryan (Decatur): over the last couple years, your pass catching numbers have really gone up. Do you see this year as a potential career season if everything clicks?
Michael Hoomanawanui: Ryan, thanks for the question. Yes, a lot of us receivers are poised to have big seasons with all the potential we have. Plus I've been trying to butter up Coach Schultz riding around in his golf cart with him all through camp!

Luke (Galena): Uh-Oh, how do you see the run game shaping up this year? Great catch last year up at Wisconsin, looking for more of that this year.
Michael Hoomanawanui: Luke, thanks for dropping by. We have a lot of great guys in the backfield this year who all bring something different to our attack. I really think Justin Green will be able to help as a freshman - he's impressed me a lot during the summer and camp with his hard work.

Sarah (Jerseyville, IL): Hi Michael! Just wanted to say hello from your Jerseyville relatives. I don't really have a question other than are you ready for us all to come cheer you on this fall?! Good luck and have a great year!
Michael Hoomanawanui: Hey Sarah! Yeah, I'm ready for all of you to make the trip over this fall. I better hear you!

Matthew Christopher (Quad Cities): Michael, what is your favorite route to run and why? If you could play any other position on the field what would it be and why? And why didn't you play basketball your senior year of high school?
Michael Hoomanawanui: Matthew, wow, that's a mouthful of a question! My favorite route is the "in." Some people may not like it because it's going across the middle, but I like catching it and having a chance to run over people. My alternate position would be defensive end, but I don't see that coming any time soon!

Coach Mal: Michael Ho, the Duke, Steam, Maddie and Jen want to wish you luck, I'll wish you good health. I keep hearing the attitude on the team has changed from last year, what are the contributing factors? Leadership? Scheme? take care Aloha
Michael Hoomanawanui: Coach Mal, great to hear from you! Thanks for the best wishes. We've really built up the leadership from the seniors and the team camaraderie in the offseason, and those will be a huge help for us this year.

Brad (Mahomet): I have been to the previous two arch rivalry games. Is this the year we finally win it?
Michael Hoomanawanui: Hey, Brad, that's the plan!

Austin (Tucson): Do you feel you have the ability to be a surprise big-play threat this season to complement Juice and Benn?
Michael Hoomanawanui: Austin, yes, with so much focus on those two and all of our other threats, I think I'll definitely be able to find a few holes and make some plays this year.

Kevin (Decatur): Mike, just wanted to thank you for coming to our corn roast in Decatur. We look forward to cheering all of you on this season. What do you feel will be the toughest challenge for the team this season?
Michael Hoomanawanui: Kevin, thanks, I had a great time at the corn roast! I think the toughest thing about college football is the grind of the long season, especially this year with our two bye weeks. But it's definitely rewarding when you finish that last regular season game and head to a bowl game!

Sheila: I got to meet you after the spring practice game this year and it seems like you are a natural around kids. Is working with the youth in your post football plans? Good luck to you and the Illini!
Michael Hoomanawanui: Hey Sheila, I've always enjoyed working with kids. Ever since I was little, I've helped with things like the Special Olympics and other youth activities. I love doing that stuff! I have a bunch of young cousins and it feels great every time I can have a positive impact on young people.

BigToe Pana, IL.: One of your biggest fans here wishing you and the Illini the best this season. I think I know the answer to this one but has being named to the Mackey watch list changed anything for you? I say it hasn't.
Michael Hoomanawanui: Big Toe, great name! No, nothing's change. It's an honor to be named with all of those great players, including so many from the Big Ten. I still have to go out and perform and take care of my job. Awards always take care of themselves.

Christine (Mount Prospect, IL): Hey Michael, What double named city has better food C-U or B-N?
Michael Hoomanawanui: Christine, great question! Both have great food, but Bloomington-Normal gets the nod because I can always get a great home-cooked meal from my mom and dad!

Kevin (Louisville, KY): Michael, where do you feel that the team needs to improve the most, in order to go bowling? Good luck this season!
Michael Hoomanawanui: Kevin, thanks for the question. Offensively, we need to cut down on turnovers, and defensively, we can improve by reducing the big plays. On special teams we need to be very solid, too, and once we put all three of those together we'll be hard to stop!
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