Chlorine Chronicles: Dec. 10, 2013

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Lynn Blog Size Photo.jpgThree Illini swimmers--Cara Chuang, Stephanie Hein and Erica Lynn--are teaming up to give fans an inside look at the Illinois swimming and diving program. In this fourth edition, Lynn talks about finishing second in a scavenger hunt, Thanksgiving, and, most importantly, an update on the team's dating pets, Gilby and Bianca.

Hey Illini fans!

The past couple weeks have been packed with activities for the swim and dive team.  On November 1st and 9th we were able to compete in our home pool against Illinois State and Kansas.  We came away from both meets victorious (and with a few pool records in our wake). 

Outside the pool, we've been staying competitive as well:  Cara's sorority hosted a scavenger hunt for charity, and-- 


OF COURSE-- we had to enter a team (we're not competitive or anything).  Activities included serenading a stranger, finding a squirrel (which actually proved to be more difficult than we assumed), and re-enacting a scene from Titanic in front of about thirty bystanders on the quad (no one clapped).  Our team-- composed of Alyssa, Sabrinne, Lori, and me-- developed a strategy before we got to the starting place:  We're using the car as much as possible, even if they say transportation is against the rules.  Walking?  Ain't nobody got time for that.  Running?  No. Just... no.  Also, winning was kind of necessary since we had trash-talked other teams both in person and all over facebook beforehand.  Sadly, we realized too late that not all locations on campus are easily accessible by vehicle.  Here's the short version of the results:  we lost.  Here's the long version:  after walking, jogging, running, driving, parking in the middle of Green Street, and making a few illegal U-turns, we sprinted up the stairs of Krannert to the last stop only to see that we finished in second place (might as well have been last).  We drowned our sorrows in some homemade cookies and brownies from Cara. 

Last Saturday we had our team Thanksgiving before we all went home for the week.  Luckily our team is made up of incredible cooks, so it was a success (Alyssa and I consider ourselves professional turkey-basters now)!  There was a truckload of food-- enough for thirty ravenous swimmers and divers to devour-- and everyone left happy and fed and even more thankful than before.  The dessert standouts of the night were Bella and Hollie's pumpkin cheesecake and Kirsten and Rachel's adorable turkey cupcakes.  Lori and Hollie organized a Thanksgiving note exchange, in which each girl on the team wrote a note for another girl, telling her all the ways she was appreciated and loved.  Needless to say, there were many hugs and laughs that night.


And finally, the most important news of the week:  Gilby finally got down on one fin and proposed to Bianca.  He got the hint when he found Bianca's subtle note "accidentally" placed on his pillow that said "Tiffany & Co. or the answer is no."  They plan to have a destination wedding in Puerto Rico this January, with only their closest thirty friends invited (luckily that's the date and location of our training trip this year).  Bella and Lori are excited to be in-laws after their stuffed animals wed.

Thanks for reading!


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