Tennis Talk: 1st Edition 2012

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Tennis Talk takes fans behind the scenes of the Illini women's tennis team. This year's first installment gives fans an inside look at the second annual Greyfield Cup Challenge and a Labor Day cookout with the men's team. 

Hey Illini fans!

The entire women's team is now back on campus and in full swing. We are all so excited to be back and ready for the fall pre-season. Right now, Atkins is a little busy with all the new renovations going on at the facility preparing for NCAAs. All 12 courts at the Khan Outdoor Tennis Complex are being repainted, and new scoreboards and full stadium seating are being put in. The indoor courts at Atkins are also being resurfaced. The courts are bright and dark blue, and are looking awesome! The brightness may blind our opponents' eyes and give us an advantage. Muahaha (Big Al's laugh). By far the best renovation of the whole process is the repaving of Saint Mary's road. Now when we drive to practice, we no longer have to worry about popping a tire, driving down the middle or losing a car part/passenger. Now it is officially our "road to NCAAs."

In addition to our tough first week of training, the men's and women's tennis teams gathered together for the second annual Greyfield Cup, hosted by John and Deanna Wright. Each girl partnered up with a boy and participated in eight events. The events were kayaking, swimming, climbing a pole, pushing a tractor, field goal kicking, football throwing, blow darts and archery. Once again, Melissa Kopinski's nickname of Bruiser came back in full effect this year when she bruised her entire left arm, looking like she got into a fight... and lost.  After the eight grueling challenges, four teams advanced to the playoffs of a spearsbee (Frisbee throwing game). At the end of the day, Tim Kopinski and our new freshman, Audrey O'Connor, won the Greyfield Cup.

To end the first week, we cheered on the women's soccer team to a 3-1 victory over Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Then, the men's and women's teams got together for a Labor Day cookout. To make a long story short, this will never happen again with the men's team. The plan was for the men to grill the meat and the women to bring the rest of the meal. One may think that taking meat out of the freezer is an easy task, but boy were we wrong. All in all, the women cooked everything, while the men watched, but the joke was on them when all the dirty dishes and pans were left for them to clean. P.S. We may or may not have put laxatives in their food. Just Kidding!

Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend and we hope to see you at our two home tournaments this fall! 

Go Illini!

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