Illini Ink: Women's Gym Online Journal Week 1

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Get the inside scoop and peek into the lives of the Illinois Women's Gymnastics team with Illini Ink - the weekly journal that takes you behind the scenes. In this year's first edition, senior Macy Hyatt recaps the team's summer activities, talks about this season's 'word' and bonding with teammates.

Welcome back Illini gym fans!!


It is finally Pre-season!!!!!! We are in week two of official practice and we are having a blast preparing for a season like we have never had! After losing Hannah Welker and Kelsey Joannides as our seniors last year we have brought in three new freshmen and they are looking remarkable as we begin our 2012-2013 journey. The energy in the gym is exceptionally high and everyone is putting in their best effort every single day to ensure we reach our team goals this year. As always we have kept up with the tradition of choosing a word to keep us motivated all season long. This year our word is strIve! "Ill-Ini STRIVE" to be exact! Strive to us means that we will persevere through the toughest times and cherish the highest moments inside and outside of the gym. We will strive to be the best gymnastics team that Illinois has seen yet.


Back in the summer we decided to have a few more team activities in the gym... team beam days,  along with fun Fridays to name a couple.  On fun Fridays we would begin warm-up with a game and end practice with out of the ordinary conditioning. Some days we would head to the arc and swim laps or tread water. I recall a game of kickball in there along with a relay race. To end our summer we had a special addition added to the Illini family as head coach, Kim Landrus, gave birth to her baby girl Madelyn Ann Landrus! This will be just one more fan supporting us every step of the way!


This year we have decided to have a team dinner every Monday night where we will switch off between each class for a host. So far this has worked out great and we are enjoying the time we are spending together and the old stories and memories that get brought up every time. We also meet once a week and study for a few hours in Irwin as a team to ensure we keep academics first while we strive to reach our goal for a super high GPA.


The huge Illini gymnastics tailgate is this coming weekend and everyone is ecstatic to see our huge family come together again as we support our football team when they take on Penn St. BEAT PENN ST!! We have one of the most unique groups of parents and it is always so exciting this time of year as we all reunite and catch up with our second families.


Stay tuned for your next journal as we update you on what is going on inside the gymnastics team!


Thanks for reading and GO ILLINI!



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