Community Service Requests

Thank you very much for your interest in having Illinois student-athletes involved with your community group! The University of Illinois is a Division I institution and, as such, is governed by Big Ten and NCAA rules. These rules are in place to protect the University and its varsity student-athletes. Although the Athletic Department's Hometown Heroes encourages and volunteering and community outreach, it is important that all community service inquiries be submitted AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. All requests and the participation of student-athletes must be cleared THREE WEEKS IN ADVANCE by both the CHAMPS / Life Skills Office and the Office of Compliance.

Assuming you are familiar with the Hometown Heroes Program and have read more about the NCAA Bylaws for student-athletes in community service projects, the next step is to contact the fill out the Community Service form and send it to our Hometown Heroes Coordinator, Kathy Kaler.

Any group or agency outside of the University of Illinois Department of Intercollegiate Athletics requesting that a student-athlete participate in a promotional activity must complete a Promotional Activities form and return it to the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Irwin Academic Center for approval three weeks prior to the event.

Description of NCAA Bylaw

NCAA Bylaw permits a charitable, educational or nonprofit agency to use a student-athlete's name, picture or appearance to support its charitable of educational activities provided the following:

(a) The student-athlete receives written approval to participate prior to the event;

(b) The specific activity or project in which the student-athlete participates does not involve cosponsorship, advertisement or promotion by a commercial agency other than through the reproduction of the sponsoring company's officially registered regular trademark or logo on printed materials such as pictures, posters, or calendars. The company's emblem, name, address and telephone number may be included with the trademark or logo. Personal names, messages and slogans (other than an officially registered trademark) are prohibited;

(c) The name or picture of a student-athlete with remaining eligibility may not appear on an institution's printed promotional item (e.g., poster, calendar) that includes a reproduction of a product with which a commercial entity is associated if the commercial entity's officially registered regular trademark or logo also appears on the item;

(d) The student-athlete does not miss class;

(e) All moneys derived from the activity or project go directly to the member institution, member conference or the charitable, educational or nonprofit agency;

(f) The student-athlete may accept legitimate and normal expenses from the member institution, member conference or the charitable, educational or nonprofit agency related to participation in such activity, provided it occurs within the state or, if outside the state, within a 100-mile radius of the member institution's campus;

(g) The student-athlete's name, picture or appearance is not utilized to promote the commercial ventures of any nonprofit agency;

(h) The student-athlete and an authorized representative of the charitable, educational or nonprofit agency sign a release statement ensuring that the student-athlete's name, image or appearance is used in a manner consistent with the requirements of this section.

NOTE: Current Illinois student-athletes are not permitted to speak about the University of Illinois or being an Illini to any group that includes students who have started classes for the ninth grade.