Douglas C. Roberts CHAMPS / Life Skills Program

Recipient of 2005-06 Program of Excellence Award

Life Skills Competition

All University of Illinois student-athletes participate in the Douglas C. Roberts CHAMPS / Life Skills program. CHAMPS, which stands for Challenging Athletic Minds for Personal Success, is designed by the NCAA to develop the student-athlete as a whole. It concentrates on five areas: academic excellence, athletic excellence, personal development, career development, and community service.

The CHAMPS / Life Skills program has been named in honor of Douglas C. Roberts for his generous endowment of the program. Mr. Roberts' endowment has enhanced the development and implementation of programs, workshops, seminars, as well as provide fellowships to graduate students in the CHAMPS program. In 2005-06, the Athletic Directors' Association named the University of Illinois as a recipient of the CHAMPS Program of Excellence Award. This is a lifetime award designed to recognize programs that have established student-athlete welfare as the cornerstone of their operating principles.

The Douglas C. Roberts CHAMPS / Life Skills program serves as the foundation for many other programs that operate within it. In addition to the Freshmen "New-Student Meetings" workshops and upperclassmen seminars (such as resume building, career development, find internships, etc), there are other programs that help foster the development of the student-athlete. Links to these programs can be found to the right of the following video: